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Frequently asked questions

On this page you can find answers to the most common question about Blazorise licensing terms and conditions of usage.

No. We only sell Blazorise license for companies or single-developers who works with Blazorise in a commercial-manner. Meaning when you purchase the license it can be used by as many developers as you have in your company.
Yes, you need to purchase license because by working for or with your clients it means you are using Blazorise in a commercial way. To continue using it you need to purchase a license.
No. If your clients are ordinal users, and will use your application in a regular way then no, they don't need to purchase Blazorise license. If on the other hand your client is also a developer company and if they would also want to develop in Blazorise, in that case they would also need to purchase license.
Yes. If your clients are also developers or developer-company who wished to work with Blazorise in a commercial-manner, they need to purchase a license.
It means multiple things. If your company has an anual revenue of over $1 Million US Dollars you will automatically need to purchase license, no matter if your apps are in-house or for third-party clients. If you are a small company with anual revenue of less than $1 Million US Dollars, a single-developer or freelancer who works for third-party clients by selling your work or applications it means you are working in a commercial-manner and you also need to purchase license.
By ending the yearly subscription you will no longer get free Blazorise updates, access to our support web and access to our private repositories. The last Blazorise version that was at the time of ending the yearly subscription will stay with you and you can continue to use it.