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The fastest & easiest Blazor UI components

Quickly design and customize responsive sites with Blazorise, the world’s most popular front-end open source Blazor components, featuring support for multiple CSS frameworks, extensive prebuilt components, and many more.

CSS Frameworks

Multiple CSS frameworks

Blazorise is built from the ground up to support any favorite CSS framework without sacrificing speed or features.

Have a try at Bootstrap, Bulma, Material, or AntDesign.

CSS Frameworks

Themes & Templates

Chose any available template from the web or from one of our prebuilt themes and Blazorise will not stop you from using it in any way.

Open source

Open Source

Blazorise is open-source and free to use under our Community License. You can install it from nuget or build your own copy from source.

You can contribute directly to Blazorise by submiting a PR, reporting an issue, or asking for a feature.

Desktop and Mobile


Our components are based on responsive css frameworks, and as such made to be fully responsive, whether your on a desktop or mobile our components will render accordingly.



Provide localized version of your application. Blazorise has it's own built-in localization system that shows translated content when the language changes.



With our custom validation system you will be able to do any validation type you want for your form elements.



Advance fluent builder utilities with support for grid, display, spacing, flex, borders, shadows, typography, and many more.

And Even More Features


World most loved CSS framework with all of it's great features.


Advanced DataGrid component with paging, fltering and large data support.


Chart JS with live updates as a native Blazor component.


Advanced grid, spacing and flex utilities with fluent builders.


The autocomplete component with search and selectable suggestions.


All standard input and form elements are available out of the box.


Date and time pickers for easier input.


Modern WYSIWYG editor built for compatibility and extensibility..